Fermented foods have been around for centuries with pretty much every culture having their own go-to product. Kombucha is linked to the Far East and has been popular because of it's amazing health benefits. Kombucha is a fermented drink made from green tea, cane sugar and a live culture called a scoby, which stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. There is very little sugar content left after the fermentation process has taken place.

What is kombucha tea

In simple terms, Kombucha a delicious drink that is full of vitamins, acids and beneficial bacteria so it's a totally natural way to consume probiotics to boost the good gut bugs you need for optimal health. If you like and struggle to cut out fizzy drinks from your diet, Kombucha provides a much healthier alternative being naturally carbonated.

Kombucha has many positive side effects on the body overall. It's not only a powerful probiotic but it works in a similar way to some of the liver detox pathways so it really supports your liver and elimination processes in a very gentle way. Often, incorporating just one fermented food or drink each day significantly even decreases the chance of constipation too.

Kombucha tea health benefits

Kombucha improves digestion and gut health

1. Improves digestion and gut health

One of the best reasons to consume Kombucha is that it supports digestion greatly, specifically your liver, thanks to its high levels of beneficial acid, probiotics and enzymes. Healthy gut flora not only improves gut health, it fights candida overgrowth.

Kombucha boosts energy

2. Boosts energy 

Kombucha contains vitamin B and is an adaptogen, which means it balances the body and promotes self healing, boosting your energy levels the right way.

Kombucha supports a healthy immune system

3. Supports a healthy immune system

Kombucha contains vitamin C as well – a strong detoxing agent for the body. What's more, it curbs your sugar cravings at the same time as the detoxification process. It's also anti-microbial due to it’s acetic acids, proteins and enzymes.

Kombucha can help weight loss.

4. Can aid weight loss

When your body functions optimally, it's more efficient at burning fat and therefore is one of the best ways to achieve healthy weight loss. This is because Kombucha rebalances gut bacteria and helps with nutrition absorption.

Kombucha helps with joint pain and arthritis

5. Reduces joint pain 

Kombucha contains glucosamines which increase hyaluronic acid production in the body – a strong preventive of issues like arthritis. This production binds moisture, maintains tissue structure, lubrication and flexibility in the body.

Kombucha fight the ageing process and wrinkles

6. Fights the ageing process

Kombucha is loaded with collagen producing properties that fight against grey hairs and wrinkles. This allows for skin tissue to stay strong and flexible and prevent sagging at the same time.

Thanks to it’s current resurgence it’s not hard to find on the high street, but check the alcohol content as this can vary from brand to brand. It’s worth noting that there is usually very minimal alcohol content as a result of the natural fermentation process. You can purchase a scoby and brew Kombucha yourself at home quite easily. If you have concerns over the side effects of Kombucha, speak to your medical practitioner or nutritionist for more information.

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