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What is Good Zing?

Good Zing is the best resource for you to find and share all of your top self-care and wellbeing tips for specific everyday issues – from common ailments, emotional issues to bad habits as well as beauty tips.

Our ethos is that what works for one person might not work for another. Eve-ryone is different and so are their symptoms and their healing processes. That’s why we created Good Zing. We want you to have a menu of solutions, so that finding all the available options is now as easy as finding out the best pizza place in town!

We are not a medical site nor do we provide advice or recommendations con-cerning your health. We are a third party platform that simply gather users’s rated and reviewed self-care and wellbeing tips from all over the world to make sure you can check out all of your options… and put a zing in your step.

How do I use Good Zing?
  • Search

    As a user, you can search for all sorts of different self-care and wellbeing tips, like remedies for flu, natural anxiety solutions, products for acne, even exercises to beat FOMO. You’ll find out what has worked for people all over the world that are a part of the Good Zing community.

  • Filter

    You can filter the tips according to what you are interested in – for exam-ple, select to only read the Top 10 list, Good Zing Expert tips, only home remedies and so on.

  • Rate and review

    Once you have tried a tip, help other users by leaving a rating and review.

  • Share your own top tips

    Sharing is caring! Do you swear by an app to help you get better sleep? Or by a home-made elixir your grandmother used to make to help you get rid of a cold? Tell everyone about it by posting it on Good Zing.

Who provides the tips?

There are two types of self-care and wellbeing tips on Good Zing

  • Tips from people like you – who have a concern and have tried and tested different remedies, solutions and products that they believe have helped them and want others to know.

  • Tips from verified and qualified practitioners – who are clearly marked with an Expert badge on our platform.

Can I share my favourite tips?

Yes! Anyone can share their top tips. Just make sure they are tried and tested and most importantly, safe. Share as much detail as possible to help people understand what to do, as you would do a recipe. Our team vets all submis-sions to make sure they fit in with the Good Zing values to do no harm.

What is a Good Zing Expert?

Good Zing Experts are health, alternative healing, and wellbeing practitioners from a wide range of disciplines whose certifications have been verified by our in-house team to ensure they are who they claim to be and are qualified to share their knowledge and expertise.

How do we verify Good Zing Experts?

Some Experts are individuals who hold registered certifications, while others have trained in practices where there are no regulated certifications but have been working in their respective field for a number of years. For example, some Experts range from Medical Doctors who have very clear certifications and insurance, while others, such as Vedic Meditation practitioners, might not have certifications. Rest assured, we have checked their references and teachers to confirm that they are qualified to provide content on Good Zing.

When to consult your Doctor or Health Care Provider

We are not a medical site. The content on this website is provided for general information only. It is not intended to amount to advice on which you should rely. You must obtain professional or specialist advice before taking, or re-fraining from, any action on the basis of the content on this website. None of the content on this website is intended to diagnose, treat, instruct, cure or prevent any disease or health or medical issue. Please read our Terms Of Use.

How do we ensure that all the tips, articles and information on Good Zing are safe?

We have built a variety of features to keep the content as safe and high-quality as possible. All tips are checked before going live on the site. Also, a variety of voting mechanisms, including endorsing and disagreeing from our verified Experts, are available to make the process a simple and effective one.

As a user, you are responsible for your own self-care: what constitutes as positive-resulting tip for one person, might not be for you or another. You have your own body, mental health and emotional senses that can be different to someone else’s. For example, if a hangover tip suggests that you eat a ba-nana to increase levels of potassium to help ease the symptoms like headache and nausea, and you have a banana intolerance, we are relying you to under-stand that you should not be eating that banana!

We are a third party information site and cannot be held accountable for your health. You should always speak to your doctor or health care provider before trying a tip or if you have specific concerns.

If I disagree with a tip what can I do?

There are two things you can do to disagree with a tip.

  • As a Good Zing user:

  • Publicly – you can vote a tip down by giving it one star and rating it ‘Not Worth It’. You can also leave a comment – this way other users can see why you disagree with a tip. Remember, the more information you can provide the better.

  • Report as Inappropriate – if you think a tip is dangerous and should not be available to the public, please flag it by using the ‘Report As Inappropriate’ link below each tip.

  • As a Good Zing Expert:

  • Agree or Disagree – if you are a verified Good Zing Expert, you will see an additional voting mechanism where you can ‘Agree’ and ‘Disagree’ with a tip and leave your comments to be shown publicly.

  • Report as Inappropriate – if you think a tip is dangerous and should not be available to the public, please flag it by using the ‘Report As Inappropriate’ link below each tip.

Does Good Zing recommend any tips?

The Good Zing team acts as a moderator for the topics and articles, rather than the individual tips. We do not rate any of the tips ourselves. We let you, the community and the verified Good Zing Experts, do the reviewing because we believe you have the most real-world experience.

If you strongly disagree with a tip on the site, please flag it to us as we men-tioned. We will then check with our team to see if it should be removed from the platform.

I’m looking for a specific tip but can’t find this topic.

Can’t see a topic you have a great tip for? We are continuously building and growing our zing-tastic database, so please get in touch at

Remember, we are a third party platform dealing with everyday self-care and wellbeing issues. For serious health and medical topics, please visit the NHS. or consult the advice of your physician.

Good Zing articles.

Sometimes our users put up wellbeing tips and product reviews that make us curious. That’s when we roll up our sleeves and research these specific topics or tips in order to provide more information within articles. You’ll see these labelled as written, ‘By Good Zing Team’.

So, why did we start Good Zing?

This is our founder, Serena. After having countless conversations with friends and family around everyday wellbeing topics like how to beat a hangover, soothe a sore throat or cope with crippling anxiety, she realised there was no one platform with all of this gathered and useful information. She reflected on her own experience dealing with a wide range of different health problems in-cluding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Tension Headaches and more, and realised that if she could create a platform which bought every sin-gly type of potential solution in one place then it could have helped her… and can now hopefully help others. So here we are!

‘Phew that’s about it, but wait…

If you want to get in touch, ask a question, talk about collaborations, or tell us you found an awesome self-care or wellbeing tip that really helped you (we love hearing your stories and often share them on social media!), contact us today at

If you want to get in touch, ask a question, talk content sponsorship, or tell us you found an awesome health tip that really helped you (we love hearing your stories!), contact us today at

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