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When we experience IBS, stomach pain and indigestion we can often blame it on the specific food we have eaten but more often than not it is related to the how, why and when we eat more than WHAT we eat. There are 2 parts to this tip as there are two easy ways to improve digestion through the way we eat but the crucial factor for both is making the time to eat with awareness = Mindfully fuelling our mind and body, rather than mindlessly consuming food. 1 - The body needs to be ready to digest food which is why when we eat on the run, we rush our food or eat when we are stressed we suffer more pain and we also don't get the maximum intake of nutrients from that food! So we are not getting the pleasure, we are not getting the benefits and we are causing pain! 2 - When we eat quickly it is common that we alter our breathing and often swallow air. That may sound odd and I didn't believe it could be that simple when I was first recommended it but it was amazing the difference it made. Not only does this altered breathing mean we have air in the stomach interfering with our digestion but over time it can lead to imbalances in the oxygen levels in the blood which can lead to food intolerances. It goes without saying this is worth a try!

What You'll Need

  • Nothing but a good meal!

What You'll Do

  • Before you eat set a timer for 2 minutes, close your eyes and just notice how your body feels. If this seems overwhelming then just pick one area of your body like the sensations of the feet or hands. Or you could try a 3 minute breathing space meditation - there are loads available on soundcloud - (https://soundcloud.com/stepinsidewellbeing/3-minute-breathing-space)
  • Open your eyes and look at your food, notice the coulours, textures, anticipate the flavours and you may notice that your mouth starts to salivate. This is your digestion getting ready.
  • As you start to eat make sure that you keep your mouth closed while chewing. Avoid talking while chewing and focus on learning to breathe through your nose. This can feel odd but it will becoe natural over time.
  • When you have finished try to leave a couple of mintues before getting up and moving again. It can be another good time to set the 2 minute alarm, close the eyes and be aware of your body.

Tips & Warnings

  • Feel free to connect for more tips if this is helpful as this is just the first step to IBS freedom!
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