Shot of olive oil to help a hangover

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This is a very useful tip to avoid any embarrassing office Christmas party moments! Olive oil apparently helps line your stomach to help stop you getting too tipsy, so it may be a great thing to have before you get on the booze. It may sound a little gross, but many cultures swear by this hangover prevention method as it focuses on the same principles as eating fatty foods before drinking (so not after!). Instead of hitting the kebabs after a night out, a shot of olive oil before going out might limit your body's absorption of alcohol.

What You'll Need

  • Olive oil
  • Shot glass or small cup

What You'll Do

  • Drink a shot of olive oil before going out.
  • This helps minimise the alcohol absorption in your body and prevents you from saying anything to your boss or colleague that you might regret the next day!

Tips & Warnings

  • Try sipping a little bit of olive oil first before you take a full swig to get used to the taste. You can also brush your teeth after if you feel a little slimy on the teeth or tongue.
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BasBleu says...
Ooops, sorry about the triplicate post. I'm a bit of a luddite and because they didn't post immediately thought the comment had been lost in the ether of the internet.
BasBleu says...
Ooops, sorry about the triplicate post. I'm a bit of a luddite.
BasBleu says...
Actually, I believe you're meant to drink the oil after... ie the next morning. Reason being, that hung over feeling is your liver screaming for fat - bacon, fried eggs etc. The oil will help flush through the toxins caused by alcohol. Liver metabolizes fat, kidneys metabolize water

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