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Research shows that the way an experiences ends shapes how we remember it. These are some simple ways you can end the day in a more positive and healthy way to feel better about your day and set up you to get the best out of tomorrow.

What You'll Need

  • A bit of self-discipline to enforce bedtime and switching off those screens
  • That's it - you can follow these steps wherever you are

What You'll Do

  • Ask yourself "what went well today?". Our negativity bias means we tend to focus on the not-so-good things. By taking a few moments at the end of the day to recall what went well, we can start to forge new neural pathways as well as remember the day more positively.
  • Say thank you. Showing gratitude to other people helps them feel more positive and doing something nice for other people makes us feel better too. Say thank you to a colleague, a friend, the office cleaner and spread the love.
  • Turn your screens off an hour before bedtime. Exposure to blue light at night, emitted by electronics and energy-efficient lightbulbs, can be harmful to your health. It supresses melatonin production, which is vital for quality sleep. Not to mention that being on social media or working late keeps our brains stimulated, engaged and switched on at the very time we want to be slowing down and going to sleep.
  • Follow a bedtime routine. We are creatures of habit and our bodies love to do the same things at the same time. Having a bedtime routine to help you wind down signals to your body that it's time to go to sleep. Read a book, spend time with your partner, have a bath - what else are you going to do with that hour when you can't use your screens!
  • Meditate. An evening meditation or guided relaxation can be a lovely way to release thoughts and calm your mind before bed.
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